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The stories of big winnings

Are you’re the one who wins the jackpot, or the person who loses everything? Whether you play slots with bitcoin or not, there are bound to be some funny stories about the casino to cheer you up. If you are a frequenter of glamorous parties the shine of Las Vegas, you’ve probably face some casino lovers. There are so many crazy stories people do about when they play casino and celebrate something.

Some people are lucky and others lose, and the media pays a lot of attention to the winners and  losers. Those stories can make you laugh, too. Here are some of the most hilarious casino and gambling stories. Weird stories about casino players can be found online.

  • Patricia Demauro is one of the most famous casino patrons, and she enjoyed gambling. Once, she went to the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa and decided to try her luck. After playing slots for about four hours, she quickly switched to the craps table and won more than $272,000! Now, that’s one way to get into the gambling habit. And, as a bonus, she never lost. There are hundreds of other casino funny stories, too.
  • Another example of a funny casino story involves grandmother Patricia Demauro. She won 154 times playing craps with a $100 starting bankroll. She never lost, and after 154 rolls, she ended up with a couple of hundred thousand dollars. You can imagine how lucky she was. This casino story will make you laugh and remind you to never give up, no matter how bad the situation seems. There’s something for everyone – you never know when someone will come along and tell you about a funny casino story.
  • Ashley Williams, a train passenger, won $10,000 at a roulette game. Then, he lost $9,800 in the next four games, and locked up his account and threatened to starve himself until the casino let him back in. The casino eventually relented, and Ashley won all of the money back, save for the last installment of $200.

Many people have won huge amounts of money and never felt so lucky. Other people have experienced losses that will change their lives forever. The casino is funny and can help you laugh about yourself if you are able to manage it. Casino funny stories make you laugh at the same time. This way, you can keep your spirits high, no matter how much luck you’ve had.